Our Purpose


The principal purpose of New Life Baptist Church is the advancement of the Christian faith according to the principles of the Baptist denomination.


At the heart of our purpose as a church is a desire to touch the community for good. Jesus said “come to me all you that labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”, and we believe that means all.


We live in an increasingly insecure world and we believe that getting back to Godly values is essential for our survival as a community and a nation.


We seek to advance education through Christian teaching and carry out other charitable purposes in the United Kingdom and/or other parts of the world.

Our Mission


To speak boldly – We have a responsibility to share the good news of Jesus with the community around us.


To worship wholeheartedly – We were created and re-created to worship God and to praise Him in all circumstances


To grow spiritually – Being a Christian means we don’t stand still but go on a journey during which we learn and grow.


To care sacrificially – In an uncaring world we need to look to the needs of the community around us through the love of Jesus.


To pray persistently – Our nation is spiritually poverty stricken and is in desperate need of our prayers every day.

Our Vision


We, the people of New Life Baptist Church, believe in a great God and we seek to serve him in all we do.  He has called us to work in our community and to demonstrate his love to people of all ages and backgrounds.


We seek to work out this calling in the practicalities of everyday life.


Our Nursery School, Coffee shop and Chaplaincies are an integral part of the life and mission of the Church, a church which has committed itself to the community for over 200 years.

Who we are

David Barber


Terry Law

Associate Minister

Laura Knott

Youth Minister

Carol Salt

Teacher in charge of nursery school

Becky Salt

Outreach worker

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