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Evangelism Week 4 Notes

Evangelism Week 4 Week 4 of the course encouraged us to think about The Gospel in a Nutshell. J John suggested that one way to do this was to focus on the Four D’s . 1) God formed us – Design. Genesis is Hebrew for beginnings we are told in […]

Evangelism Week 3 Notes

Evangelism Week 3 Week three: Getting The Message Right J John in his book natural evangelism begins this chapter by wanting to stress that it is important that we explain our faith clearly and in a way that people can understand, he believes that often people pretend to understand when […]

Evangelism Week 2 Notes

Evangelism Week 2 Our second week was entitled Why should we Evangelise? We began our evening by thinking how many of the commands of Christ could we list. We actually managed to list a lot! J John in his book natural evangelism explained that the First why is because to evangelise […]

Evangelism Week 1 Notes

Evangelism Week 1 The Great Commission found in Matthew 28 vs 18-19 are words from the Bible every Christian knows. In his book Natural Evangelism which we are using as a guide for this course J John suggests that we all have opportunities to talk about Jesus but mostly we […]

New: Coming 2017

Coming early 2017 Mustard Seed Christian Bookshop in New Life Baptist Church! Stay informed about the launch at www.mustardseedchristianbookshop.co.uk

Logical Truth

Knowing What We Believe Recent years have seen an explosion in what Christians believe. The early church had its share of different views, like the Gnostics. Gnostics had a diverse set of beliefs. It is a teaching based on the idea of gnosis, which in Greek means knowledge. Gnosticism thus […]

Did you know the Bible never uses the word saint?

Unity Unity is one of the key ingredients needed for a church to possess if it wants to be effective in evangelism. Unity is a major biblical theme , the creation of man and woman has echoes of the relationship that exists within the trinity (Exodus 1 and 2 and […]

Music Tots/Stay and Play

Every Friday during term time, join us at the New Life Nursery School starting at 1:30pm for singing, snack, crafts and games! Suitable for children aged 0-4 and its FREE. What happens at Music Tots? We sing nursery rhymes, make crafts and play games, which can help your child to develop […]