High Street presence


As well as having our church building situated in the middle of the Kings Heath High Street, we also have a large degree of interactivity with the people in our local community, this includes links with other churches in the area and strong relationships with businesses around the Hight Street.

Healing On the Streets

Healing on the Streets is a prayer ministry carried out on the High Street pavement and church forecourt, offered to anyone passing by. We are one of several teams operating across Birmingham, and part of a wider global network. We pray, in the name of Jesus, for healing from all forms of illness and for life issues, inviting people to sit on available chairs, or if they prefer, in the church. Here in Kings Heath we meet on the second Saturday morning each month from 10.30 until 12.30 and the regular team are people from both New Life Baptist and Riverside Churches.

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Workplace Chaplaincy

Situated in a prime location on the High Street, it is appropriate that the Church reaches out and ministers to the traders that form part of our local community. Pat and Graham Wigley have led this ministry for 9 years and we do this by regularly visiting many of the local shops, with the express purpose of offering pastoral support and care to the retailers. We are usually warmly welcomed and know that our visits are widely appreciated.

Between our visits we pray daily for the individual needs and concerns of those whom we consider as friends. Retailing has, and continues to be, a challenging occupation that can be stressful, lonely and demanding, trying to balance making a living with the normal and sometimes unexpected demands of family and home life. It is a privilege to visit, share and be trusted by those who are so central to our community, helping in its well-being and prosperity.

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